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Fanfic: His Eyes, Her Soul

Title: His Eyes, Her Soul
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Pairing: Tristan/OFC Shy
Characters: Tristan & My OFC, Shy
Rating:  M.
Warnings:  Love scene?
Disclaimer: If I owned this would I really be writing fanfic?
Summary: No words spoken, none needed, for she is Shy and he is Tristan. Souls entwined. Small little oneshot, not in the usual fashion.

Hey all.  Been watching this comm for a while, but started reading fanfic on this as soon as I got the dvd and saw it for the first time.  Don't read or write in this fandom anymore (prolly cause I read everything there was ;P) but am posting all my ff.net stories on lj and thought I'd share this old one.  Hope you enjoy.

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