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FIC: A Quiet Understanding, part 3: Too Many Graves (King Arthur; Gawain/Galahad; PG)

Title: A Quiet Understanding, part 3: Too Many Graves
Author: xlikethenightx
Pairing: Gawain/Galahad, background Arthur/Lancelot, Arthur/Guinevere, Bors/Vanora etc
Rating: PG
Story Summary: Gawain and Galahad share a quiet understanding and a bond deeper even than love; quietly inseparable, they are Arthur's faithful knights and each other's steadfast strength. This is a tale set after the events of the film, looking back at how they came to be so close and forward at what happened after the battle of Badon Hill.
Chapter Summary: The time has come to leave the fort behind for a new settlement with the Woads to the north of the Wall. Gawain finds himself reflecting on his comrades left behind in the graveyard, and two of them in particular: his little brothers.

Warnings for this chapter: violence and (minor) character death in battle.

Posted at AO3
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