There are spoilers past the cuts! You have been warned.

The King Arthur Movie Fanfiction Community
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1. This community is open King Arthur fanfic, of the Bruckheimer film varity, of any kind: het and slash, FPS or RPS.

2. Any pairing you fancy to write is allowed.

3. Fics of any length are allowed here, from epics to drabbles.

4. Please make sure to proof read your fic. Having had someone beta it is even more preferred.

5. Cut tags! Use them for fics of 200+ words, or fics of less than 200 words with frequent line breaks for dialogue.

6. Please post ratings, warnings, pairings, and summaries at the top of the fic and before the cut tag.

7. Flaming is a bannable offense. Be polite.

8. This community is fanfic only. In other words, it's not the place for discussion about the movie's plot or about the actors.

Please join and have fun! Although we can no longer, at this juncture, index all the fiction on the community, previously index stories can be found in this community's Memories. RPS posts up to the point archival stopped are archived in the Memories of knightgasm_rps for ease of perusal, but RPS posts are welcome at BOTH communities. Where you post depends entirely on the audience you are looking for.

If you have a comment or complaint, drop a note on my latest entry at calicokat.

You may want to check out the official movie website for extra information on each of the characters, although some of it seems outdated a per the final script. For example, it seems Bors originally had three wives and five children rather than one lover and eleven children. (This link will open in a new window.)

This community is not affiliated with the community that inspired its name, pirategasm. However, we would like to believe that it has been created in the same spirit: a community free to all flavors of fanfiction.